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This project really looks interesting. Is this compatible with Visual Studio 2019? (The reason I ask is because a lot of libraries I tried contain code Microsoft simply blocks as being "deprecated". If basic C functions like strcpy can cause a compile error because of that). Since RAD files are quite small (and since I also have a love for the old Adlib tunes) I am considering to add RAD support into my Apollo Game Engine, but what kind of license does the RAD code have?


I love what you're doing here :) I wish I had more time to make music with this, I love Adlib FM music!

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When downloading this, Bitdefender(Free Edition) and Malwarebytes(browser extension) both went off. They're what I've been using lately and when I downloaded your music tracker, I scanned the zip with both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes, and Malwarebytes didn't detect anything from what I remember seeing, but Bitdefender came back with 1 detection. It was "RADW.exe", from what I remember and I had it delete the detection. After that I went to check to see if I could run the music tracker and thankfully I could, as I ran "RADW64.exe". When running it, everything runs like it should and no negatives from what I've seen.

Just sharing this to tell the developers and other people that this could set off your anti-virus and/or anti-malware software even if it isn't Windows Defender. 

Hopefully this helps everyone! :D



What makes your tracker superior to more widely used freeware like Famitracker?

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this is made to be used with the opl3/opl2 sound chips which are way more capable than the famicom chips, on the opl3 for example you have up to 22 simultaneous voices and stereo output and all of this can be played back also on real hardware like the sound blaster 16 sound cards which featured this chi


Man that could have been answered by actually reading the page and seeing that it's for a completely different sound chip... A better question would have been how does it compare to Deflemask...

Really good